Wednesday, November 11, 2009

KPCC Will Give the Bike Discussion Another Try!

So many people complained about last week's show that they will run another "Airtalk" segment on sharing the road, this time with some people who know a damn thing about bicycles. It's tomorrow at 10:20 AM on 89.3 KPCC.

Tune in! This is what Sharon McNary had to say in reply to my letter:

Hi Kristen – Great points all, and sorry to get to your note so late. There’s been a wide call from listeners asking for a followup show. So yes, I’m happy to announce….

Due to the intense interest in this topic and response to this week’s show, AirTalk with Larry Mantle will revisit the issue, this time with some expert guests. It’s set for 10:20 to 11 a.m. Wednesday, Nov. 11. You can listen live on the air at 89.3 FM or online at We’ll have an archive of the broadcast available online after the show, and places on the show website for simultaneous comments, and to continue the discussion afterward.

Please feel free to pass the word. I’ll be e-mailing cyclists who are in the Insight Network an alert to the follow-up show. Also, anybody who wants to add their bicycle story and photo to our Insight Network of news sources is welcome to do so at this link:

Thanks very much for making your voice heard on this issue.

Sharon McNary
Public Insight Journalism at KPCC

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Anonymous said...

That's great they responded to you. Glad you wrote them.