Thursday, January 29, 2009

Car-free Fridays!

The last Friday of every month is car-free Friday in Los Angeles, sponsored by the LACBC.

Apparently City Council President Eric Garcetti will be joining riders on their route from Hollywood to City Hall tomorrow morning.

I'll be riding from Pico-Union to West Hollywood at 3 pm if anyone wants to join me.

This is a nice, simple way for cyclists to focus our energy. I'd like to get one or two new people riding on the roads with me each month. The press release is right: we can build our energy, one person at a time, one ride at a time. Once a month can turn into once a week can turn into every day! Incremental change matters. We'll have that many more constituents on board when we talk about sharrows and bike lanes. We'll have that many more drivers that are used to sharing the road with bicycles.



Doug said...

Have you ever read Jane Jacobs?

Herbie said...

No, but I just searched her on wikipedia, and after reading up a little on her, I'd like to check her writings out!

Doug said...

I am most of the way through "The Death and Life of Great American Cities," which is quite insightful. She does love New York a lot, if you can handle it...

(I meant to put this comment on your previous post, btw.)